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In which we kill some more, find out some pretty huge revelations, and try to deal with them by killing everyone that’s left. Also we try out the game’s 2 other languages at the end and decide which one is the best and worst.
In the second part, we actually battle something. Can you believe it? We also get joined by a priest and a thief, none of whom seem to have a problem with our rudeness
Welcome back to A Hero’s call! In this first part, we do a wapping 1 battle, then proceed to talk to and offend basically everyone in town. Thankfully they don’t seem to be phased by our atitude and still tell us all about their fetch quests that need doing.
In which we discover we’re very good spies and get to make waaaaay too many decisions in a very short time
In which we finally return after 2 years, only to promptly get stopped by two step authentication… We’re really sorry for the inconvenience!
What was supposed to be a short, half an hour stream actually ended up being almost 2 hours of more GTA madness… Well technically it was half an hour of trouble shooting as well but the results were absolutely worth it!
Featuring Space Wave Race by the Audiogames association, as well as a few minutes of coverage of the crew dragon launch.
Making games with the Sable public alpha from Ebon Sky Studios. In this episode we make our first dungeon, featuring more enemies, bosses, and people hanging from the ceeling on light fixtures.
Making games with the Sable public alpha from Ebon Sky Studios. In this episode we build a house, a patch of outside and set up our first boss encounter. Also featuring a lot of Corona beer.