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Featuring Dreamy Train, Bari Bari Racing, River Raiders, Chopper challenge, Operation Black Square, and Innoetics John who makes everything 420X more bad ass. RIP innoetics
This took place during the Tube sim stream. Featuring even more future plans as well as discussions of audio game development and various programming languages
After finishing Descent Into Madness, we decided to let people ask questions which ended up going for over an hour. Things answered include: How to get started doing let’s plays, discussing future ideas for PG13, are broadcast equipment and PC specs, and other random things. Don’t hesitate to ask us questions over social media if you have any!
In this stream, we play: Code7: Tomb Hunter Beta: Swamp:
In this thing we play Crazy Party from
In this one we play Manamon from
Featuring Games by Oriol Gomez, as well as his actual person
Lots of games played on this one: marinabreak and screaming strike, adventure at C:, and Pipe 2